• Potty Training Boys

    Potty Training Boys

    The Struggle is Real I’m struggling guys. Where do we find the balance of letting our children become independent and restricting them for the sake of having to clean less? LOL! I’m especially talking about potty training boys – where’s the balance in that?! Xavier is nearing 5 and has recently decided it’s time to stand while going potty…let’s be honest though, that harebrained idea came up with Daddy’s help. And I’ll tell you why – Daddy thinks it’s time for him to be a big boy. You know what I think – What a stupid idea! I’m already at max capacity for cleaning the bathroom since this nonsense started…

  • 7 Tips to Balancing Being Mom and Working From Home - Crystal J Chapman

    7 Tips to Balancing Being Mom and Working From Home

    The WAH/SAH Juggling Act Finding balance is difficult to find when working from home, or at least it feels that way when you first start out. Your new business is budding and needs all the love and attention it can get, but so are your children – something’s gotta give and you don’t want it to be either! For me, the realization you pay for everything in either time or money resonated loudly. Talk about a lightbulb moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a hot mess and have some work to do, but overall, I’m finding it and here’s how! Here are my 7 Tips to Balancing Being a…

  • anxiety

    My Life as a Duck

    I’m a Duck I was discussing branding with my TEAM recently and I revealed to them my spirit animal is a duck. They all laughed at me because who on earth picks a duck when there are so many cool animals out there, but it’s so true! I do wish I related to something far more gracious, beautiful or strong, but no, I’m a duck. I’m a duck and I’m owning it. Have you ever noticed how serene a duck appears above water? They’re graceful and calm. Under that water though, they’re moving their feet like crazy to tread water and stay afloat. This is my life as a duck.…

  • parenting

    A Day in The Life – What the fuck?

    A Day in The Life Mr. Fun Suck and I were walking through Home Depot recently with Scarlett and Xavier. You best better believe we had one of those insanely annoying, I mean amazing, double steering wheel shopping carts for this quick outing. You know, the ones that are supposed to make everything so much easier for parents because they magically keep your children happy, yet all the while you’re running into crap…Yes, that amazing cart. Oh and the magical happiness? It only lasts for roughly 47 seconds before one drops something and the other tries to take the other child’s steering wheel. Thanks for that, Home Depot. Anyway, as…

  • daughter

    Strong Willed Daughters

    Scarlett the Sassafras Raising strong willed daughters is not for the faint of heart. My sweet Scarlett is 2.5, insanely verbal and quick-witted! Seriously, it’s nuts and we often can’t keep up with her. Our children are quite fluent in sarcasm because that’s how we roll in this household. Xavier is 4 and gets it but he doesn’t know how to use it quite yet. Scarlett is getting her footing on it early, and we’re scared! We’ve got some growing pains in store for all of us, but it also makes us happy to see. Raising strong willed daughters is not for the faint of heart. The Incident Dinner has become super…

  • vendor events

    Vendor Events and Positive Mindset

    Vendor Events I did a vendor event recently that didn’t turn out at all as planned and there was almost zero traffic to our outdoor market. I spent almost 2hours loading up, packing the kids entire meals for the day, remembering toys, tablets and Scarlett’s potty. Only 3 vendors besidesthe organizer showed up and it cost $40. I felt I had spent so much time working to get ready for it and was going to end up without any sales. One vendor cut her losses and left 3 hours in but I chose to stay. I stayed because I committed. I stayed because someone local reached out to me to…