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    6 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Child into Sports

    Your Children Need Sports It’s an endless list when it comes to why sports are important for children, and I’m going to outline 6 reasons why you should put your child into sports. 1. Healthy Habits It’s no secret, we are at a time in our society in which physical activity is at an all-time low for children.  Unfortunately, it’s also a standard across all age groups, but it doesn’t have to be! Being on an organized team instills an early love and appreciation for physical activity. What a life skill to have so early in life! 2. Confidence Our tiny people are learning about who they are, how to…

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    Raising Boys and Girls

    Should We Raise Them Differently? It’s the norm for society to insist on raising our daughters to behave one way and our sons to behave another. But why? It’s totally unacceptable. I have never understood this mentality, and it’s even more baffling now that I have one of each of my own. How are we supposed to raise confident children that are capable of acceptance and empathy with that mindset? Is that even possible? Why are we raising boys and girls differently? Body image is one area where I feel this is especially unacceptable. We as mothers are becoming so much more aware of what we say in front of our…