Monthly Analytic Reports

What are Monthly Analytic Reports?

Monthly analytic reports provide incredibly valuable information to your business. With it, you’ll easily know which platforms are performing well for you, which need work, and how to move forward. While having a snapshot of your business is helpful, it’s the month over month snapshot that really shows you what’s going on.

Monthly Analytic Reports Include

* Complete review of all social media platforms
* Strategy report for the upcoming month using the prior month’s analytics

Package 1:
Monthly Report Investment $95

Package 2:
Quarterly Report Investment $200

*All packages are subject to a setup fee of $125 with discounts available on quarter, 6 month and 12 month packages.

Unsure of How to Move Forward?

A free 30 Minute Consultation is available to help work through selecting the best package to suit your business needs.
To get this scheduled, please contact my Facebook business page – Crystal J Chapman.
We’ll talk through your goals, current business success you’re having, hangups you’re having, as well as potential strategies to use moving forward. No business is the exact same as another, and neither should the approach taken. While business concepts overlap, the individual owning and running the business will never be the same, and this means the business approach should never be the same!

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