• Sports for children

    6 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Child into Sports

    Your Children Need Sports It’s an endless list when it comes to why sports are important for children, and I’m going to outline 6 reasons why you should put your child into sports. 1. Healthy Habits It’s no secret, we are at a time in our society in which physical activity is at an all-time low for children.  Unfortunately, it’s also a standard across all age groups, but it doesn’t have to be! Being on an organized team instills an early love and appreciation for physical activity. What a life skill to have so early in life! 2. Confidence Our tiny people are learning about who they are, how to…

  • Paisley Raye Crystal Chapman

    Family Rule: We Take Care of Each Other

    A Family Rule I work hard to teach my children to be kind and to take care of one another. It’s our number one family rule. They are almost 4 and 6, and know it’s their job to always make sure the other is okay. We take care of each other because that’s what family does. But it goes further than that. If you see someone hurt, you always run for help. You don’t ask questions, you don’t worry about who it is, you just run and get help, because that’s what we do. It’s important to instill this value into children young because they are our future, and we need…

  • Don't wait for goodbye

    Don’t Wait For Goodbye

    What Are You Waiting For? Very recently, we lost my husband’s grandmother at the age of 85 – what a wonderful life! It’s hard to believe she was living independently just the week prior and now she’s gone. How I wish I had told her some of the things in my heart, but I didn’t. Don’t wait for goodbye, it’s not worth it because you’re almost always too late. I remember when my husband’s grandfather passed away. There I sat the following evening helplessly at work in Alaska while he had traveled across the country to be with his mourning family. To say I desperately wanted to be there is…

  • Parenting

    Why Do I Hold a Grudge?

    Why Do I Hold a Grudge? I’ve been working really hard as of the last year to really work on myself. I am striving to become a better me and better understand myself, because I want to bring a positive light to those around me. With that, I’ve had to face some hard truths – I’m stubborn as hell and I can hold a mean grudge…many of you know this, but has this held me back? How has this pushed me forward in life? Stubbornness doesn’t have to be bad when harnessed the right way. But have I always used for the greater good? It’s questions like these that have…

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    My Baby Girl is 3

    Another Year Older My baby girl is 3 today. I’ve been super emotional about this all week long and I’m just not sure why. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t really have a baby anymore, and we won’t be having another. As bizarre as it is, I don’t have baby fever for another baby, I have baby fever for MY babies to be tiny again. I want to relive those days again or at least make them last longer. I can’t help but get caught up in reminiscing about how Xavier was Scarlett’s age when we finally moved back to Alaska. How is it possible she’s as big as…

  • Raising a Confident Child

    Raising a Confident Child

    A Private Exchange in Public As parents, how do we know we are raising a confident child? How do we help them grow without unknowingly pushing our own issues or insecurities onto them? My children are nearing 3 and 5, and it already feels like a constant struggle. I was taking some time to myself recently and enjoying some coffee in quiet at Starbucks. While sitting there, I watched the strangest yet incredibly captivating interaction between a couple in line. For whatever reason, salsa music was playing in the cafe and while I noticed it, I didn’t give it much thought. That is until I saw the woman waiting in…

  • Potty Training Boys

    Potty Training Boys

    The Struggle is Real I’m struggling guys. Where do we find the balance of letting our children become independent and restricting them for the sake of having to clean less? LOL! I’m especially talking about potty training boys – where’s the balance in that?! Xavier is nearing 5 and has recently decided it’s time to stand while going potty…let’s be honest though, that harebrained idea came up with Daddy’s help. And I’ll tell you why – Daddy thinks it’s time for him to be a big boy. You know what I think – What a stupid idea! I’m already at max capacity for cleaning the bathroom since this nonsense started…

  • anxiety

    My Life as a Duck

    I’m a Duck I was discussing branding with my TEAM recently and I revealed to them my spirit animal is a duck. They all laughed at me because who on earth picks a duck when there are so many cool animals out there, but it’s so true! I do wish I related to something far more gracious, beautiful or strong, but no, I’m a duck. I’m a duck and I’m owning it. Have you ever noticed how serene a duck appears above water? They’re graceful and calm. Under that water though, they’re moving their feet like crazy to tread water and stay afloat. This is my life as a duck.…

  • mom guilt

    Letting Go of The Mom Guilt

    We Do it To Ourselves Mom guilt is real and it sucks! I am by far my biggest critic and I’m quite certain most mothers can relate. So you know what I did? I let it go. Sure, it rears it’s ugly head from time to time, but that’s okay because I don’t let it dominate me anymore. Learning how to push those thoughts aside is difficult, but with practice we can all accomplish it. Making it a common practice of letting go of the mom guilt has had the greatest of impacts on my mental health. If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy We all love our children. The…

  • postpartum

    Postpartum Life – Is this normal?

    Is This Normal? I told you recently how my spirit animal is a duck, but I’ve done some tremendous self-reflection since realizing this. I’ve always known I was this way but never equated it to being a duck until I was 32. That’s kind of nuts in retrospect. I’m a mother of two young children, ages two and four, and life is busy. Being a mom is hard. Absolutely amazing, but so damn hard. That transition from no children, to one child, to two children, and then trying to figure out who the hell I was along the way has been a struggle! Like all moms, I let myself go…