30 Minute Consultation

What can a free 30 minute consultation do for your business? Are you wondering where to get started? Well for one thing, it can help to identify what is working for you, as well as what isn’t. A consultation will basically allow us to review your platform analytics and create a plan to implement moving forward.

We’ll discuss the best direction to help encourage future growth and online exposure. We’ll review where your business is currently and your business goals. ┬áTogether, we’ll find the right plan to help you achieve your business goals and expand your online reach in the process.

Contact me on my Facebook page – Crystal J Chapman and we’ll get it scheduled.

Other Services Offered

Because we understand each business is different, we offer a variety of services to meet your business needs. As our businesses grow and evolve, so do our needs, and it’s important to feel confident when implementing changes. We offer packages ranging form the new business owner wanting to do all the business tasks but wants help implementing the plan, to fully implementing and managing the content for you. There is no single approach to best fit every business because each business and business owner is completely unique. We recognize this and strive to meet you where you’re at while helping to achieve your goals.

Shopify Setup Packages - Crystal J Chapman