How Do I Make The Most of My Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen Content Anyway?

Evergreen content helps reduce the amount of work spent recreating the wheel or constantly and allows you to build off the work you’ve already done instead of always starting over. Your ideal client will always need to be educated on who you are, your product and your personal approach, and that ideal client will never find you at the same time. Regardless of your business, I’m sure this leaves you thinking “How do I make the most of my evergreen content?”

Let’s start working through ways to maximize the content you already have!

Which of My Content is Evergreen?

Evergreen content varies from business to business, but it all has the same end meaning. This content is what you want to educate your customers on when they find your business, brand, services and more. This is not only a place for educating your client on your product, but you’re also educating them on who you are as a business owner.

Let’s say you’re a business provider and one of your primary products is private coaching. Your evergreen content should consist of topics such as ‘When is it Time to Hire a Coach?’, ‘Is a Business Coach Worth The Investment?’, ‘How Do I Find a Business Coach’, What Can a Business Coach Help Me With?’ Are you seeing a theme here yet?

Let’s look at this from the lens of a food blogger. There are foods searched for at limited during times during the year, and then there are those staples foods as well. This is where you get into evergreen content and seasonal evergreen content.

How Do I Use My Evergreen Content in My Business Strategy?

For the sake of making this bite size, let’s focus on the most important method – graphic creation. When you are creating online content, you should automatically create 5 graphics for that post. This will allow you to distribute it at a stead rate and keep your online activity appearing fresh despite the content being the same.

On a monthly basis, you should be creating 2-3 new graphics for each older blog post. Keep in mind, graphics size requirements are different across all platforms and you’ll want to make sure you’re at least creating Facebook and Pinterest sized images. Pinterest is a visual search engine and has outright said they want to see fresh images. I can’t stress enough how much fresh graphics are.

Keep in mind, while this might seem daunting, this is actually far less work than constantly creating fresh content continuously. Work smarter, not harder, and use your evergreen content to your advantage!

Still Need Help?

You can leave a message in the comments or find me over on my business Facebook page – Crystal J Chapman. I’m always more than happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!


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