How to know when it's time to hire help for your business

When is it Time to Hire Help for My Business?

I Think I Need Help!

Do you go back and forth with where your time should be spent as a business owner? Do you consistently feel torn and as if certain tasks are being neglected because there just isn’t enough time? Have you ever asked yourself “when is it time to hire help for my business?” If you said yes to any of those questions, the answer is yes. Help is needed and it’s probably entirely overdue. You pay for everything in either time or money, and it’s your choice to decide how you spend each one.

But What Do I Hire Out?

Each business is extremely different and the items necessary to hire out will vary as a result. That said, a general rule of thumb is to start with the items that aren’t specific to your business and don’t need to be done by you. For example, a boutique owner is the face of their product but that doesn’t mean they have to be the one packaging orders! If you are trying to find time, look in those places first.

Another example is a service provider with clients. Unless you’re comfortable taking the time to train someone else and feel confident in their abilities, you’re going to want to hire out tasks that can’t be replaced by you. Thins such as graphic creation, circulating your content on social media, and even replying to general questions.

Or how about, you know you’re ready to increase your online exposure and know you need be on Pinterest, but the concept of it all is daunting? Like any new system or platform, there is a learning curve, and it’s okay if you do not have the time or energy to learn!

There are no rules for what you hire out except that you as at the owner and provider do not get lost in the process. Your voice needs to always be the most easily identifiable at all times.

Hiring Out is Expensive, How Do I Decide Where to Hire?

I always tell my business clients and fellow business owners to start with two lists – business and home. From there, write everything you do in a single month for your business, and I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe from this list. Then do the same for your home.

Working with your business list, create another list with three categories – daily, weekly and monthly. Everything in your business list will be in one of these categories. Do not be surprised if you remember items, just keep adding them until you’re satisfied. Repeat the same steps for your home.

Next up, what is necessary on your business list but you loathe it? Do you hate graphic creation? Handling your own Pinterest account? Maintaining your Facebook business page? Mailing purchases, sending thank you cards, follow up, etc. What are the things on your list that need to be done but cause you zero happiness? THAT’S what you hire out. In the home, this might look like hiring a cleaner once a week so you can focus on work, especially if you work out of a home office.

How Do I Determine Cost Value?

As I mentioned above, a valid concern is the cost of hiring help. That’s a valid concern! Be mindful of where you’re asking of help and keeping things in balance as best you can. There are service providers any which way you look and your money will be eaten up quickly opting into too many at once.

Something to keep in mind though is you often get what you pay for. While my intention is not for you to be taken advantage of, it is important to value who you hire and not decide solely based off price. I urge you to do your research and make an informed decisions using your business needs and taking the time to interview.

For example, I offer Pinterest services of various types. It is important that I meet each of my clients exactly where they’re at by offering a variety of services. I do Pinterest Audits ranging from report style only to a complete overhaul before handing the keys back. I also offer monthly Pinterest services with a monthly Google Analytic report and strategy for the upcoming month. Not only can I meet my client where they are, I am honest and will tell them when I do not think a particular investment is not beneficial at the time. Find someone to work with that values you as a business owner, your needs, and sees you more than an investment into their business.

Still Need Help?

Feel free to leave a comment here or leave a message on my Facebook business page – Crystal J Chapman, and I’d be more than happy to help you work through your needs. I have many talented friends and refer to them routinely.



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