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Do I Need Google Analytics For My Business?

What is Google Analytics?

Going into business can be overwhelming because there’s always something new to add to the list, always another service to buy, an opinion to be heard, etc. Sure, numbers are boring, yet you hear yourself asking “Do I need Google Analytics for my business?” The short answer is yes. In my opinion, there are 5 core reasons as to why you’d want Google Analytics.

How Can Google Analytics Help My Business Grow?

1. Google Analytics is FREE. Yes, you read that correctly,it’s 100% Free and all you need is a gmail account in order to create your Google Analytics account.

2. It can sync up with almost every platform you use within your business. Anything that drives traffic is business you want to be tracking because this shows you what is working and what isn’t. I’ve not come across many platforms that do not allow you to integrate Google Analytics, but for the ones that do, they have their own in house system. One of my favorite places it links up nicely with is Tailwind!

3. All of your data is in ONE PLACE and easy to find! Sure, it might take a small learning curve to get to where you can scroll through your data and know what you’re looking at, but it’s easy and all there!

4. Your account data never deletes! The moment your account is created and linked to something, your account is tracking what you’re doing. This is an invaluable feature! You can compare year to year, month to month, etc.

5. When hiring out help for marketing and social media strategies, this allows them to see a complete snapshot of our business. What we see, feel and observe within in our business is incredibly subjective. An outsider has the ability to see things objectively using data to get a better understanding of your business. This is the first question I ask any potential new client. As much as I want to hear what they have to say, I want to see the story their analytics are telling.

How Do I Get Started?

Create your account by going directly to Google Analytics and creating a profile. It will prompt you immediately to sign into your gmail account, or create one if  you don’t yet have one. Simply follow all of the steps and the basic work will be completed during that initial process. As mentioned before, all you need is a gmail account to get started!

If this is something you’d like help with, you can contact me on my business page – Crystal J Chapman, and I’d be more than happy to get you moving in the right direction. Have questions? Be sure to leave them in the comments!



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