8 Must Have Goals For The New Year - Crystal J Chapman

8 Must Have New Year’s Goals

A New Year is Upon Us!8 Must Have Goals For The New Year - Crystal J Chapman

As with any new year, it’s always accompanied with the want to improve areas within our lives. I encourage you to select a goal to strive for within each category. Keep in mind that these do not have to be massive undertakings that are life changing, they are small but mighty. Let’s get started on the 8 Must Have New Year’s Goals to help you start the New Year on the right foot.

Goal setting plays such a big role in helping us push to do better and achieve our dreams. The first step in achieving a dream is to write it down and create a goal. Let’s get to crushing some goals this year!

8 Must Have New Year’s Goals

1. Intellectual

How are you going to challenge yourself this coming year? Are you going to read a book a month? Maybe you’ll learn a new skill or hobby. Whatever it is, you need to challenge your brain.

2. Physical

A common New Year’s goal is weight loss. A physical goal is so much more than that though! You can focus on being more active by getting out for a 30 minute walk five times a week, achieving that advanced yoga pose, successfully completing a marathon, etc. A physical goal is one that challenges you exactly where you are and helps you get to where you want to be.

3. Spiritual

A spiritual goal is so much more than religion, so be open-minded! Sure, this might be where you strive to get to church every week, but it might not be! Meditation and taking time for self-reflection are also great goals to have within this category! Maybe your bucket is filled by giving back to others and you’ll choose to volunteer a certain amount of your time! Be creative!

4. Family

This is a wonderful goal to have! We get so caught up in the day to day and rushing to each requirement that before we know it, the month is over…or maybe even the year. Will your goal be to eat dinner at the table 4 days a week, schedule in time away with your partner, mommy/daddy dates with your child individually, or even lessening the amount of extracurricular activities you say yes to. It’s okay to say no, especially if it means your family is served best!

5. Social

For the most part, we are social beings but those daily responsibilities push our wants to the side. Who are you going to prioritize seeing or talking? Or maybe you say yes too much and feel burned out with so much social stimulation. Determine your limits if that’s the case and be okay with them!

6. Career

While work isn’t everything, it plays a huge role in our lives. Are you wanting to push for a certain promotion? Maybe you’re burned out from your current job and want to begin looking for a new income opportunity? Or dare I suggest it’s time to ask for a well deserved raise? If so, it’s time to ask!

7. Financial

Are you wanting to get out of debt this year? Save for a big purchase? Start your retirement or child’s college fund? Set your goal and work backwards – what will it take to achieve that goal and does it align with your current career? While these are all independent goal categories, they all spill into the other!

8. Personal

Taking time for yourself is vital. We spend so much giving that we often find our own buckets empty and it’s impossible to give from an empty bucket. Is this the year your prioritize taking time for yourself even if it’s only an afternoon a month? Heck, a good bubble bath with some music or audible book is just as rejuvenating for some!

Are Your New Year’s Goals Ready?

I’m excited to hear how you’ll be catapulting yourself into success with this list of 8 Must Have New Year’s Goals! Comment below and share what you’ll be focusing on!

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