Cold and Flu Essential Oils

Top 5 Essential Oil Blends For The Cold and Flu Season

Cold Season Has Arrived

Ugh, cold season…it’s back. It’s October and children have been back in school for at least a month now. We all know what that means, we’re rapidly approaching prime cold season because kids love to share. Through my experience of using essential oils, these are some of my most tried and true essential oil recipes. In hopes of saving your home from that dreaded first sniffle or being taken down with the plague, I’m going to share some of my favorite essential oil blends.

In my opinion, these are the top 5 essential oil blends for the cold and flu season.

Simple Morning Blend

The Simple Morning Blend will help energize and get your immune system ready for battle. It’s perfect to diffuse as you’re getting ready for your day!

Essential Oil Blend for Cold Season

Immunity Bomb

The Immunity Bomb is a great essential oil blend to use as a preventative measure. It also helps battle cold symptoms. You can roll this blend on the bottom of your feet nightly for preventative care. I like to use this oil blend in the same manner every 2 hours when trying to combat a cold.

Essential Oil Blend for Cold Season

Immunity Stimulator

To help stimulate your immune system into action, diffuse the immunity stimulator when you get home from school or work.

Essential Oil Blend for Cold Season

Breathe Easy

Feeling a little congested or like it’s a little tighter to breathe? Breathe Easy will open things right up for you.

Essential Oil Blend for Cold Season

Nighttime Diffuser Blend

To help give your immune system a boost while you sleep, diffuse the Nighttime Diffuser Blend at bedtime.

Essential Oil Blend for Cold Season

Ready To Take On Cold and Flu Season?

I hope you’re feeling better equipped for cold and flu season! If you want to learn more, join me over in a group I love to hang out in! Tiffany is an excellent source of oil information, and you can find her at The School of Aroma Ace on Facebook. Do you have a favorite essential oil blend for the cold and flu season? I’d love for you to join our community, Sass Not Optional – Featuring Paisley Raye, and share your personal favorites as well!!

*I am not a medical provider and you should always consult with your healthcare provider with any questions.


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