Potty Training Boys

Potty Training Boys

The Struggle is Real

I’m struggling guys. Where do we find the balance of letting our children become independent and restricting them for the sake of having to clean less? LOL! I’m especially talking about potty training boys – where’s the balance in that?!

Xavier is nearing 5 and has recently decided it’s time to stand while going potty…let’s be honest though, that harebrained idea came up with Daddy’s help. And I’ll tell you why – Daddy thinks it’s time for him to be a big boy. You know what I think – What a stupid idea! I’m already at max capacity for cleaning the bathroom since this nonsense started 3 weeks ago. I mean, he’s been standing outside since potty training but never inside – why fix what isn’t broken?! I’ll let him go outside all day long to his heart’s content…but inside? Please no. Please make it all stop.

I realize he needs to find his independence and learn to do all those “big boy” things, but does it really have to come with more cleaning for ME?! Yes, my husband cleans, so the household cleaning isn’t fully on me, but he’s yet to be home OR awake during any of these incidences. Coincidence? I think not. Well played, Mr. Chapman. Well played.


Want to know my favorite thing to hear from the living room while Xavier’s going potty? “Oops”. I hope you can *feel* the sarcasm because you already know what that means before I even tell you what happened. Urine everywhere. In all the places. I go in to check and he has a corner of a piece of toilet paper that’s not even the size of his hand, and he’s going to start cleaning it. First off, bless his sweet little heart for not wanting to give me a mess, BUT NO! LOL

I’ve cleaned the bathroom toilets and floors more time this week than I have in the last few months, and I clean those things pretty much every other week. So…yeah, not impressed.

The Sleep Walking

Oh, so you didn’t think it could get any better? How about the fact that my child sleepwalks at night? I’ve made a pretty strict rule of him having to sit when it’s nighttime because his sensitive little eyes can’t take the light. The rule is if the light is off, you sit…He has yet to appreciate this rule and continuously tries to negotiate is way out of it. He’s a big boy and all, he can’t backtrack!

So the other night, he was sleep walking, per usual, and I sent him to go potty before getting into my bed. From bed, I turned on my phone to light up the bathroom and waited in bed. Why should I have to fully wake up? It’s not like have to go!

I hear him whimpering and all that jazz, and he finally comes out after the most ridiculous bathroom episode. I get his jimmies all zipped up and he climbs into bed. Well now I’m awake and I have to go! Damn it!

Make it Stop

I turned on the light when I went into the bathroom because I had a bad feeling, and boy was that intuition right. I should have gotten out of bed from the get go. THERE WAS PEE EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on the wall, on the toilet, and almost on my freaking foot!

So my independent big boy was standing to go despite my rule (screw my rules, anyway, right? I mean they’re not in place for any reason except to annoy him), and was pretty much swaying in his sleepy state.

So.Much.Pee. Please tell me, how in the hell do I make this nonsense stop? I’ve heard from others this doesn’t end for a long time and I’m choosing to believe my friends are just being mean. They’re being a bunch of lying liars…right? RIGHT?!

Potty training doesn’t last indefinitely, or does it? Tell me it’s not so! How do you find balance with this whole independence nonsense without breaking spirits or cleaning constantly?? Comment here to let me know your thoughts and approaches on this! Head on over to my group to hangout with me!


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