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6 Reasons for Using a Multiple Online Hostess Approach in Direct Sales

Time is Money

Girl, if you’re using your valuable time to have single hosted online events with your direct sales business, you’re doing a disservice to your time! Maximizing your time and value is how you stay ahead of the game, and ultimately thrive in this business. In the past, I would spend at least 2 hours on each individual party plan, and my sales were dismal!

Discouragement in the process and resentment towards hostesses was impeding my progress. You have to seek out new systems when current systems continuously put out the same negative results. Below are 6 reasons for using a multiple online hostess approach in direct sales that will change your mindset on time management.

Why YOU Need it

1. Your time is valuable! Maximize your time by doing more work in less time.
2. Hostesses need coaching and not all hostesses understand the concept.
3. Three non-qualifying parties held at the same time can result in a single qualifying party for you.

Maximizing Hostess Rewards

4. Increased engagement leads to guests having more trust in you and the product, which in turn increases sales.
5. It’s hard to get excitement going for a party with a whole bunch of newbies to your brand – again, understandable.
6. Friendly competition is a result of multiple hostesses, making it more fun for everyone.

But Does it Actually Work?

Yes! You have to build a trust with your hostesses and their guests, and I encourage this by doing giveaways geared at selfies being shared. Get creative, realize your time is money, and show your hostess why this is beneficial for HER. Having multiple hostesses maximizes your time and makes you more efficient, and leads you to not feeling nearly as burned out. You’re able to give more when you aren’t spread as thin.

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