Strong Willed Daughters

Scarlett the Sassafras

Raising strong willed daughters is not for the faint of heart. My sweet Scarlett is 2.5, insanely verbal and quick-witted! Seriously, it’s nuts and we often can’t keep up with her. Our children are quite fluent in sarcasm because that’s how we roll in this household. Xavier is 4 and gets it but he doesn’t know how to use it quite yet. Scarlett is getting her footing on it early, and we’re scared! We’ve got some growing pains in store for all of us, but it also makes us happy to see. Raising strong willed daughters is not for the faint of heart.

The Incident

Dinner has become super annoying in our house as of late, and Scarlett often goes to bed without her evening snack and tears are shed. It’s a pitiful scene, yet the same one night after night because she’s stubborn as hell.

Me – You need to finish your dinner so you can have your snack tonight.
Scarlett – *shakes head but doesn’t take another bite*
Mr. Fun Suck – Scarlett, you need to eat.
Scarlett – *stone faced* You butt out.
Mr. Fun Suck – Say that again and you’re going to bed.
Scarlett – *brief pause followed by a look of satisfaction* You just never mind.
Mr. Fun Suck – How am I being outsmarted by a 2 year old?!

To Laugh or Not To Laugh?

Yep, I laughed. He laughed. I’m pretty sure I cried a little because I was laughing so hard. How do we stifle that strong-willed beast while not breaking her spirit? She’s such a great little girl and very respectful, but she’s sassy and sarcastic…already, and we are in trouble!

The approach I use most often is one of not paying attention or walking away. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing than to let them see you laugh. Kind of like when Xavier was in the habit of saying “what the fuck” because Daddy Says it. Yeah, major dad fail and I totally let him handle that one on his own.

How do you reign in the sassiness while not simultaneously breaking such a strong spirt? Find me on Facebook to let me know who you navigate this crazy thing called parenting.