My Life as a Duck

I’m a Duck

I was discussing branding with my TEAM recently and I revealed to them my spirit animal is a duck. They all laughed at me because who on earth picks a duck when there are so many cool animals out there, but it’s so true! I do wish I related to something far more gracious, beautiful or strong, but no, I’m a duck. I’m a duck and I’m owning it.

Have you ever noticed how serene a duck appears above water? They’re graceful and calm. Under that water though, they’re moving their feet like crazy to tread water and stay afloat. This is my life as a duck. My outer shell is a serene duck and my brain are those crazy ass feet. Ha!

Things Are Not Aways What They Appear

I’m the go-to person. The doer. The listener. The problem-solver. A voice of reason. It never seems to matter what the topic is or how long I’ve known the person, I’m always sought out. That’s not a bad thing at all and I love helping others – I’m a hardcore humanist and helping others is what fuels my soul. But sometimes this duck needs help, too.

People come to me because they think I have my shit together…if they only knew! I’m a damn hot mess! My mind is constantly racing, I get so lost in thought about all the things I need to do that sometimes I spend countless hours awake, only for those lists leave me feeling so overwhelmed I opt to do nothing instead.

Owning My Duck Status

I know this about myself and it’s something I work on daily, and I’m more vocal about, but it has taken a lot of self-reflection, work and even more courage to admit it.

I feel like motherhood has brought this out of me so much more even though I’ve always been this way. We as mothers feel we need to take on the world and are inadequate if we need help. That we’re failing by voicing our needs – what a stupid mindset!

I choose to celebrate this about myself instead of hiding it. I’m not out judging other moms and women because I know there is no right way of doing things, and I work hard to remind those close to me of that as well – I tell everyone to be kind to themselves daily, yet here I am being my biggest critic. It’s gotta stop. We need to be kind to ourselves just as much as we need to be kind to others – probably more, if I’m being honest. You can only give so much when your own bucket is empty.

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