5 Reasons to Use a Posting Service With Your Online Business - Crystal J Chapman

5 Reasons to Use a Posting Service with Your Online Business

Time Management

Time management is vital for thriving in the business world. How can you make life easier? Building an online party format takes time but it’s time well spent. You do the work one time until it’s time to freshen things up. Once in place, using a posting service will give you back the time necessary to post. Let’s not even start on actually remembering! Working this business in addition to having another job and/or family is difficult. Time management is efficiency and follow through.

All things in life come with a cost, regardless of the task and that’s time or money. When weighing the pros and cons of investing in yourself and your business, you’re saying what’s important to you. What are 5 reasons to use a posting service for your online business – like Vizzlie, CinchShare or Tiny Torch?

5 Reasons to Use a Posting Service With Your Online Business - Crystal J Chapman

5 Reasons to Use a Posting Service

1. Time is Money. Working smarter and not harder will increase your revenue and ease stress.

2. Online party formats typically run the same for each person, which is great. Content needs to be duplicable to help from hitting burnout mode. Consistency causes boredom, but “boring” posts for us are new to customers and need to be seen. Scheduling the content out allows consistency in the process.

3. Selling online has opened all the doors and windows, but with that comes multiple timezones. Understanding the active time in your online community allows for you to be posting when they’re awake even if you’re not. For example, I live in Alaska and have customers all across the country. As a result, posts get scheduled for east coast wake up. Their engagement on posts continues to bump content into the feeds of others as they wake up across the country, until I’m finally awake. Ha!

4. Hostess Coaching is KEY to a successful party. Scheduling out content for a hostess the week leading up to their party with small tasks will help encourage group participation.

5. As a leader, time management is essential. Finding a balance between your business and leading your team is a challenge. Scheduling content in your team pages helps you lead without sucked into the constant private message cycle.

Time is Money

Money is important but more can be made. What time are you burning on silly tasks each month that doesn’t need to be used? I work hard to implement systems to make life more efficient. Business doesn’t have to consume your time. Your life doesn’t have to revolve around your phone, it revolves around what you want it to revolve around. This is something you can MAKE time for if it’s something you want time made for. For me, it has been time and money well spent because my priority is my children and they don’t need my face constantly in my phone.

As a result of using a posting service, you’ll invest an average of $10.00 each month to save yourself time and energy. Life is a balancing act, how are you going to balance your life and business?


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