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Vendor Events and Positive Mindset

Vendor Events

I did a vendor event recently that didn’t turn out at all as planned and there was almost zero traffic to our outdoor market. I spent almost 2hours loading up, packing the kids entire meals for the day, remembering toys, tablets and Scarlett’s potty. Only 3 vendors besidesthe organizer showed up and it cost $40. I felt I had spent so much time working to get ready for it and was going to end up without any sales. One vendor cut her losses and left 3 hours in but I chose to stay. I stayed because I committed. I stayed because someone local reached out to me to cover for her, in addition to 3 other dates. It wasn’t only my reputation on the line, it was hers as well, and my word is my word. This is why crappy vendor events and positive mindset go hand in hand.

Vendor Event

Positive Mindset is Everything

You know what happened? I introduced almost a dozen women to LuLaRoe that had never seen it or heard of it, I met two women who are very much people I’d consider my tribe based off of how we clicked, and booked an in home with a woman who has also decidedto adopt me – LOL.
The sales weren’t stellar but sometimes it’s more about the experience than the sales, and you have to remember that. Was it easy to start? No. But mindset is everything and so very powerful. I chose to participate, I chose to stay and I chose to have fun. And you know what? It worked.

At the end, the organizer thanked me and said my fee was waived. She thanked me for sticking it out, and also gave me the sweetest compliment. She watched me interact with the shoppers, and said I was really good at what I do. You know what? I am good at this! This shit is hard but I’m really good at this. You know what makes me do even better? Throwing that negativity aside and just going for it. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and glitter farts, but it is fun and it’s serving an incredible purpose in my life at this time.

Get Those Big Girl Undies On

It’s okay to get pissy about a situation – take that brief moment to wallow or whatever. But then you need to get your big girl undies on and handle it. Handle it because you CHOOSE to and handle it with a smile. People love smiles and those bad boys are just as free as they are contagious. And most importantly, remember your WHY.

Side note…thank heavens for Scarlett’s tiny potty and a covered truck bed because the doors were left locked to the building by accident, and this chick needed it. Just keeping it real! There’s a silver lining everywhere, you just have to look for it sometimes.

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